We have lots of hand raised and socialized puppies,Boston Terriers,Dachshunds,Maltese,Toy Poodles,Jack Russells,Miniature Pinschers,Shetland Sheepdogs,Cocker Spaniel ,Teddy Bear and West Highland.
Our Bich Poo puppies come with full CKC registration. The Parents are AKC registered & range in size from 4 to
10lbs. They have been socialized daily with us & other pups, which makes them very sweet, outgoing & playful.
Vaccinations are up to date, & our pups come with a Health Guarantee as well. You are more than welcome to
visit with our pups here (by appointment), & we do offer delivery for a fee.
For more info or to purchase one of our babies please  call or text 229-425-1552.

We require a $200 deposit to place a pup on hold. Deposit does go toward the purchase price. Deposit is non-refundable.
Final payment must be made in cash.

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If, for any reason you decide not to get your pup, we then use the deposit money to re-advertise the pup.
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Bich-Poo--or-- Poochon--- (Bichon frise/Toy poodle)
Hi Jessica,
This is ‘Rocket’ one year old and a precious member of our family. So many times I’ve
wanted to write and give you an update and describe what a wonderful little dog he is.
We purchased him from you mid December, 2017. You had temporarily named him
Sunner; we changed that to Rocket as it better suited his personality.
Even tho I am deaf, Rocket and I have learned to communicate in a special way. He is so
smart! My husband hears and they have yet a different way of ‘talking’ to each other.
Three times a day Gordon and Rocket walk around the block. Because he is such a social
little guy he’s made lots of friends on his walks.
We were a little nervous of the cross breed- - Bichon and Tiny Poodle. Let me assure you,
Rocket has the ‘best’ qualities of each breed.
 He gets his leash, catches the frisbee, retrieves balls and toys tossed in the house, is so
cuddly and loves to be pet and brushed.
I thank and bless you and your group for the amazing quality of dogs you produce.
It was important to me to relay the joy, love and blessings that Rocket has brought into our
Thank you and God Bless~
Barb, Gordon and
   Rocket MacCalla
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  OcuBright-Tear Stain
Remover - -chewable pill that prevents staining on his eyes. $30 found at most Veterinary
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Born to Dazzle and Murphy  3/23 ready to go 5/18

7-8lbs grown

Dacia                        Female                   $600.00
Born to Yuki and Tamale  5/5 ready to go 6/30

Toy size!

Yvonne              Female                   $600.00
Born to Dazzle and Murphy  3/23 ready to go


Toy size!

Dakar               Male                   $600.00
Born to Dazzle and Murphy  3/23 ready to go 5/18

Toy size!

Dallas               Male                   $600.00