Show Off TIme!!! This is Peanut  In
her first Ckc show.   Reserve grand
to Marcy and Corky!!!!to Marcy and

(although I tried to tell them she does not have harlequin coloring....oh well) and they are calling her Harle for short. She also fits
with the other girls in the family as  have a daughter named Heather, Hayli and Hayden and now we have a Harle.

She has been great since coming home with us. She is taking the crate very well. No whining or separation anxiety. Today during
the twins bday party with a bunch of feet and noise around, she spent off and on over 1/2 the day in her "space" to keep her safe
and she seemed to be pretty chill the entire time (like she was happy to not have a bunch of kids handling dog). Right
now she is sleeping on my lap.

She is a doll. Smart. Cooperative so far. Goes to the bathroom outside although we have puppy pads available. Not sure if we will
need them as she gets older but we are also training her to use them so she has a spot to go when we are at work if needed. We
have a baby gate up to keep her in our sun-room where her crate is so she does not have to hold it and be miserable.

We took her to the vet on Monday after getting home Saturday evening (within 2 days per your warranty...) but nothing to report.
She has been doing fine...upset stomach Sunday with some re-flux (figured it was due to getting settled in new place) and she did
also have a bit of a cough for some reason that began on Sunday night and lasted for 2 days but nothing came of it. We are
scheduled to go back first part of July for her next set of shots. See the attached picture while we were at the Vet. I used this
picture to complete her registration with the CKCUSA Online.

Everyone thinks she is just the sweetest thing and wants to steal her from us. Thank you for the new addition to our family.
If there is anything else you want to know just let me know...thanks!

Barry, Cheri and Family                               

I'm so sorry that I haven't wrote you sooner. This is Jeremie Radford, me and my wife Haley got Angela, one of your female
Morkie puppies back at the end of September. She is now Bella Bear Radford and is our precious little fur baby. She has been
in perfect health since the day we got her. She has been to the vet twice now for checkups and to continue her shots. We
couldn't ask for a more perfect dog. We had almost given up hope on finding a puppy until we found you guys. From the very
first time we met you, we knew we had found the right place. Bella has a ton of love and personality packed in her little 2.4lb
body. She was a whopping 1.7lbs her 1st trip to the vet. She is on a good healthy diet and is growing up fast. She can pull me
around when we are out on walks. Having her has made all the difference in our lives. We just want to thank you all, you were
so amazing. I wish I could tell everybody who's looking for a puppy to not waste their time or money anywhere else and just
come straight to Shady Acre. I have included some pictures of Bella Bear. Take care and God Bless.

Good morning,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we had when we added our new puppy to
our family.  We found your facility to be very clean and welcoming.  The reception was very
about our new puppy with regards to his  feeding schedule, vaccinations, deworming, grooming,
etc.  We very much appreciate everything you did and are so enjoying our happy, healthy puppy.
Thank you again,
Would like to check in and show you this beautiful baby I got from you. She will be 8 years old
would not believe how sweet this girl is. She knows when I'm not feeling good and will be right
there with me. She loves the outdoors and our beach trips. She knows that she's going
somewhere when you ask "wanna go ride?". She has HER SPOT in the bed right between mom
and dad. When Dad is not home she's on his pillows. Still hates a bath!! Lol.. She loves her
brother that we rescued but sometimes they fight just like kids. Just giving an update on Deena
Would like to check in and show you this beautiful baby I got from you. She will be 8 years old
few of the hundreds of pictures I have of her... Love this girl!!!this year. She still doing great!!
Very attached to me and I've had a couple surgeries and you
Hi, I am writing a review for Shady Acre Kennels in Georgia.  We purchased a Boston Terrier from them
last year (2016).  Our baby was born on 4/30/2016 and we were able to get her 8 weeks later on
7/26/2016.  This little girl has been a blessing to my family.  The company provided us with instructions for
caring for her and had forms for us to ensure that we would care for her or would return her which you
don't find with other companies or pet stores.  Jessica was great to work with.  She keep in touch and
would send updated pictures so we could see her growing.  Our little Oreo is such a hyper and smart little
picks up from showing her one time.  She definitely keeps us on our toes.  She loves to be cuddled.  I am
extremely pleased with our little girl and have recommended others to Shady Acre who are looking for a
Boston.  I couldnt ask for better treatment all around from both a pet standpoint and a customer
standpoint.  Thank you for raising puppies for us to love.

house.  If I could post video, you would see what a riot she has been with a huge personality and EVERYONE is her friend--her whole body swishes and
wiggles whenever she sees anyone, and at 8 lbs. (I believe this is all the bigger she will get), she knows no fear.  Doesn't matter the size of the dog, she
gets up on her hind feet and licks them into submission!  Thanks so much for doing such a great job in her early months.  I can't take her anywhere without
people stopping me and loving on her and wanting to know where I got her.  She has become your ambassador on Hilton Head!  Being so small, I was afraid
she would be a yapper--no way, except for the time she barked a Palmetto bug to death!  Always the protector!  Talk about a "traveler"--she is good as gold
and I take her everywhere.   Of course, we has had our moments--there was the roll of toilet paper that emptied itself on the floor and a running shoe
(almost her same size) that she carries around.  Hummm...and we love paper of any kind!  Can't begin to tell you what a sweetheart I have--she is all I hoped
she would be and MORE!  Diva princess--oh, yeah!

Ronnie D.
Hilton Head, SC
Hi Jessica,
  On Dec 21st my husband drove to GA  and picked up a male puppy (Sunner) (Bichon and Toy Poodle mix) from your kennels. I realize
you and your kennel are full of loving new puppies, and you probably don't specifically remember our little boy or us. [We were in the
process and hoped for a girl, you called one nite to say a little girl in Sunner's litter had just been returned and we could switch to a
female if we liked. We  already felt committed in our hearts and stayed with the little boy who is now called Rocket.] We originally named
him Piper but after a few days renamed to a better suited name for his personality.
  You said little boys are the best at cuddling, yep they are.
  Jessica, our little treasure has brought such love and laughter into our home. He is so smart; taught himself to bring his leash for a
walk, sits up and claps (video) when he wants our attention, retrieves anything we throw. Loves his naps with cuddling and back
scratches. He is gentle, loving and so very social. Neighbors keep treats for him as he walks by during his outings.
 We wonder if the Bichon/Poodle mix is responsible for such an amazing dog.
 I want to thank you for encouraging us in our debate over male/female, and especially for the 'wonderful' loving start you gave him.  
He has touched our hearts like no other.
  At 8 months, he was neutered last week via Laser. A slick, fast healing method.
 Potty training was a bit of a challenge but when he finally 'got' it, no accidents followed.
 For 15 years we were blessed to have a female Bichon. When she said goodbye we quickly realized we needed another friend to fill
our house and hearts with puppy love. Rocket has given us that love.
  If you would ever like confirmation on the quality of a Bichon mix, or someone to speak to your process of adopting a puppy, please
just ask. We are so thrilled and grateful for our little guy.
Barb and Gordon  
Thought you might be interested in how Buddy is doing. He had his first haircut on July 5, and I will attach photos of before and after. He lost
almost all of his dark brown and black coat, and is now more of a champagne and white color. ....with black tipped ears and a a black stripe on his
tail. Everyone thinks he is the best looking dog in the world.
He was potty trained within about 10 days of arriving home. He got used to using our dog door that allows him to go directly outside to a small
fenced yard.
We are now spending the summer in our 5th wheel RV in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and he has learned to swipe a paw at a set
of bells we have hanging next to the door, in order to let us know he has to go outside.It's working perfectly, and he is now sleeping thru the entire
night....doesnt like sleeping in a kennel, prefers to just sleep next to us.
He's smart, and we are having a great time watching him learn.....sits, stays, comes, stops, and today learned to shake hands/paw. Everyone asks
what kind of breed he is, and they all seem to say their next dog will definitely be a Havanese. We have given out your name and website to many
who have asked.

His fawn and white coat now is growing back out, and it seems to be showing a hint of black-tip sable marks, so it will be interesting to find out what
he looks like after 6 or 8 months.

We love him much, and thanks again for making him available to us.
Jim and Kay
Hi Jessica,
 This is ‘Rocket’ one year old and a precious member of our family. So many times I’ve wanted to write and give you an update and describe what a
wonderful little dog he is.
We purchased him from you mid December, 2017. You had temporarily named him Sunner; we changed that to Rocket as it better suited his personality.
Even tho I am deaf, Rocket and I have learned to communicate in a special way. He is so smart! My husband hears and they have yet a different way of
‘talking’ to each other.
 Three times a day Gordon and Rocket walk around the block. Because he is such a social little guy he’s made lots of friends on his walks.
 We were a little nervous of the cross breed- - Bichon and Tiny Poodle. Let me assure you, Rocket has the ‘best’ qualities of each breed.
  He gets his leash, catches the frisbee, retrieves balls and toys tossed in the house, is so cuddly and loves to be pet and brushed.
 I thank and bless you and your group for the amazing quality of dogs you produce.
 It was important to me to relay the joy, love and blessings that Rocket has brought into our lives.
 Thank you and God Bless~
Barb, Gordon and
    Rocket MacCalla
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   OcuBright-Tear Stain
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