It's been 2 1/2 months since we got our little bundle of joy.  Remy
him.  He is the most loving puppy that anyone could ask for.  I never
could imagine that I would get so attached to a pup so quickly, but I
couldn't even imagine life without him.

He has a bit of a "foot fetish", he loves socks of any sort, I have to
keep him from the laundry because he is always stealing socks and
taking them to his kennel.  He thinks he sneaky but he's not.  

I just want to tell you how much we love our little sweetie and send
you a photo of him.  It's very obvious that you take good care of your
puppies and we have been well pleased.
Thanks again!
This is Remy the Bichon Frise!!
I just saw your testimonial page and thought I should send an update
on my dog. I'm not sure if you remember me, but over Christmas
holidays I found my baby at your kennel. She is the first dog I've had
on my own. I believe you all had named her Doobie, but I have since
named her Layla. Layla has been a blessing to me. She keeps my
company on my long drives from home back to Athens, for college
and visa versa. Laya has so much energy and never fails to put a
smile on every person's face. Layla graduated puppy preschool in
March and is doing wonderfully.   She loves meeting new people,
playing fetch, getting her picture taken, going to the dog park and
doggie daycare, working on tricks, being held and just getting all the
attention she can. Layla is almost 7 months old now, weighs a little
over 4 lbs and has already been spayed and micro chipped.  I always
have people ask what kind she is and where I got her. Further,I
always receive comments about how unusually outgoing and
friendly she is for a small dog. She has had no trouble playing with
several other small puppies in her "tiny tots" room at doggie daycare
or in the small dog area at the dog park. Layla also does well with
medium sized dogs and large dogs. She thinks she's a princess... and
she is. I can't imagine being without her; she makes life so much
fun. I spoil her daily. Thank you for the early socializing your kennel
did. Without that the early socializing in the critical early weeks,
Layla wouldn't be as outgoing. Your kennel helped shape a truly
wonderful dog anyone would be lucky to have, but I'm glad I get to
say she is mine. I am attaching a few pictures of what she looks like
now. I hope you enjoy.
Layla the Bichpoo and her new
Dixie Bell has made our family even more
special!  I could tell you took great care of her!  
She has such a happy and easy going spirit!  
She is so smart!  My 8 yr old taught her how to
sit in two days!  She is well on her way to being
housebroken!  Dixie loves going on car rides,
going to the beach, and being a total
ATTENTION HOG wherever we go!!
Thank you so much for doing such a great job
at breeding happy, healthy dogs!!!
Dear Jessica,

Our Boston Terrier, Christmas Abby (aka Miss T) has been an absolute
blessing to our family.  My husband bought her for a Christmas present
for me.  My mother had just died a month before, and I was so down.  
She brought a smile back to my face.  Miss T has been a complete joy
for us.  She loves people and they love her.  MIss T was a picture of
good health from the very beginning and has remained in top shape.  
We have gotten great reports from her vets.  Our neighbors just loved
to watch her play in our yard when we lived near Atlanta.  People
would stop just to watch her play in the yard.  We now live on a farm in
middle Georgia and she loves it.  She likes to ride our four wheeler,
golf cart, and jeep.  

Our grandchildren adore her.  She is great with young and old and all
in between.  Miss T is patient and watchful with children.  When our
grandchildren are with us, she takes turns during the night sleeping
with each one.  When they leave, she is so sad and will go to their
rooms looking for them throughout the day.  She senses when one of
us is not feeling well and will be so watchful and caring.  
Miss T is the perfect companion.  Thanks for making all of us so happy!
"Miss Pete"
I am a pomeranian lover. Over the years I have owned and nurtured 10 poms. I know poms at least I think I do:)
When they all grew old and passed away, I tried to live without one for a few years and then the love of a pom
overtook me. I hunted around and found Shady Acre Kennels. Jessica , the owner, was a delight to deal with and
on July 11th,
the sweetest pom I have ever owned arrived in my home.Cuddles, my new Pom is an imp and a rogue, a rascal
and the smartest pup I have ever had. He arrived in tip top shape and has thrived in great health. If you love to
have your face licked and love to endlessly throw a big ball to a small dog that never quits,then a pom is for you.
If you want a pup that is great with kids, with cats, with other dogs and makes everyone giggle at their antics, a
pom is where you want to be.
I want to to thank Jessica for this lovely fellow and I hope I can resist the urge to add more. Poms are like potato
It is hard to own just one.
If you want a sneak peek at my little
guy. Here he is.

Jane Mark
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to share a cute photo of Georgia from the other day and to let
you know that things are wonderful!  We are so happy with her and I'd bet
she is quite happy here with  us!  She is a bundle of energy and such a
girl, we couldn't ask for anything more.  We even enjoy taking her out with
us shopping (she's great in the car) and she loves all the attention she
gets especially Pet Co, where they give out free treats!  She gets twice a
day walks by my husband and I'm in charge of her training where she is
stubborn but smart and so cute we can never get mad at her.  Irving has
started building a little agility training camp in the back yard....which in
a few month we can start working with her on. She is already jumping
thru a
hula hoop!  Well, just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that
everything is good!  I should have gotten two!!!

Karen V.
Hi Jessica, My mom wanted me to send a little testamonial to you.
I just wanted to say hello, and to tell you that I am still being the little
house Diva.
I am 1 and 3/4 years old now.  My health is great for my petite little size and
to let you know I am running the whole show, and I like it!  I keep my family
pretty much in line.
It's not an easy job, but I am quite capable of throwing my 3lbs. 9 oz
Don't mess with me!  Yeah I've got these people here wrapped tight.  All I
have to do
is prance around, toss my head, stomp my little feet and  look cute.  I also
like to snuggle,
Alot!   Yep, this is a pretty good gig I got goin here.  I'm not going to mess
with a good thing.  I just wanted to thank you for loving me enough to send
me all the way to Michigan to my new home and family.  I am very happy,
and loved more than you'll ever know.  My family said what a great job you
did with me until I came to my forever home.  I will love all of you at Shady
Acre's forever.  I'll keep my cute pictures a comin.
All my Love, Tinkerbell   
P.S. That's house Diva Extrordanaire!
This is Tinkerbell the Maltipoo!!
Hi Jessica,
Well, Sheemee is now seven months old! She is doing well (except
for two additional canine teeth having to be removed). She is a
beautiful dog (now around 18 pounds!) and is loved by everyone. I
have attached a few photos and would recommend this breed to
anyone. Oh, she also goes to church with us every Sunday and is
extremely well behaved (better than our kids!)

Gene, Annie & Sheemee
Sheemee the Pucker!!!!