Tips and Suggestions
Hi Folks,

Here is a list of suggestions you may want to get for your new puppy, and a list of tips to help you!!!

FROM Shady Acre Kennels


You will need and can get everything at one time at PetsMart or Petco:

1. bag of Bil Jac Puppy ( we will provide a 1lb bag at pickup and also a $5 off coupon)

2. bag of treats - I recommend milk bones,(better for their teeth)
just cut in small pieces for very small pieces and you can give just one or two tiny pieces as a reward.

3. leash 6'

4. harness - better than a collar for walking, but does need to fit to him/her right (You can take him/her into Petsmart after all vaccines!)

5. 2 bowls for food and water

6. pee pads or plain paper (not newspaper because the ink comes off on him/her)

7. Bitter Barrier - spray for electric cords, anything he tries to chew on

8. Odoban - to clean up accidents

9. hard rubber toy(s) to play with

10. tennis ball or whiffel ball

11. soft cuddle toy - teddy bear or some soft toy ( no eyes or noses!!)

12. travel crate

13. if you can't afford a pen like I have, an old playpen will do

14. a baby gate if you want to confine him/her to a larger area than a crate (laundry room or bathroom)

15. some old towels (bring with you because he/she will probably pee on the way home!)

16. pillow, blanket or towel for his/her crate

17. slicker brush

18. metal comb

19. shampoo (plain old Dawn Blue dishwashing soap kills fleas)

20. "Revolution" or "Advantage Multi" combination heartworm and flea/tick preventative (ask your vet)

21. doggie toothpaste

22. nail clippers - you can use your own

23. cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean his ears

24. paper towels





Get him/her a harness, not a collar. It's easier to teach him/her to walk with you if you don't have something around his/her neck choking
him/her. Teach him/her to walk with you. Don't let him/her pull you. If he/she does pull, say "NO", and firmly pull him back. Be consistent and
he/she will learn. There are several dog training shows online that will give you a lot of tips on training.


Always praise him/her for good behavior. It's better to praise him/her verbally instead of giving him/her a treat, otherwise he/she will come to
expect a treat every time. You want him/her to do the right thing because he/she wants to please you, not just to get a treat, but there is
definitely a place for treats!


Any kind of puppy treats are fine, but try to get things made in the USA. Something to chew on to help with his teething; rope chews, tennis balls
and the balls that have ropes coming out from them like an octopus are great. Be careful of the squeaky toys, get only the hard rubber/plastic
ones, not the soft rubber, because his sharp little teeth will tear the rubber and he/she will eat that. Also watch to see that the squeaker doesn't
come out or he/she will swallow that and get very sick! Stuffed toys are good, unless he/she starts tearing them apart, then take them away.
Also, he/she will love to play with an empty plastic soda bottle, about the cheapest toy you can get!! Be sure to remove the cap, the ring that the
cap attaches to, the paper and wash it out. It is so light weight that it will skitter across the floor when he/she plays with it! Be sure to look at it
carefully and if he/she starts to chew it up, take it away and give him/her a new one. You don't want him/her to swallow any plastic, etc. Another
thing puppies like is a cat toy that is attached to a stick with a string. You can bounce it around and he/she will love to chase it. You can make
your own with a dowel rod. Attach a piece of string to the dowel rod and wrap the other end around a wad of paper or small toy.


Your puppy will already have 1 vaccination (7-in-1) Unless it is older than 8wks! that includes distemper, parvo, etc. when you get him/her. You
can see all the vaccination he/she will have on our website. . This starts him/her on building his/her own immune
system, but he/she needs more vaccinations to protect him/her. You have a given time to take him to your vet for an examination, as per the
purchase agreement. Don't take him/her outside and put him/her down on the grass. Also don't let him/her chew or play with your shoes. A sick
dog could have walked through your yard or without knowing it, you could have walked where a sick dog had been and your puppy could get
sick just from chewing or licking your shoes! The Vet can advise you on what your puppy needs to be completely safe. I don't take them out until
they have had their 3rd or 4th vaccination because parvo is so prevalent and the puppy doesn't have complete immunity
for a while. Your vet will tell you when you can take him/her out.


He/She may be a little lonesome for the first couple of days and cry for his/her siblings because he/she is used to having them to play with all the
time. Whenever he/she cries, pick him/her up and love him/her and play with him/her and he/she will begin to look to you for comfort and for
his/her play and love time. They are people dogs and want to be with you as much as they can - go in the car and in stores (where there isn't
any food) and people will just fall all over them because they are sooooo cute!!


If you plan to take your puppy with you when you go out, you might consider getting a pet car seat. That way he can look out the window without
being loose in the car. Quick stops can make him/her lose his/her balance and fall. You will also need to get a travel crate. The best size to get is
one size bigger than their projected adult weight, This will be large enough for him/her when he/she is full grown.


I get up around 7:30 and they all go wild to be picked up and held! I take turns loving them a bit and then I feed them. Then they poop and play
for a while and around 10 AM they crash for a couple of hours. Then awake and play with each other until the middle of the afternoon and crash
again. They will adapt to your schedule very quickly. They are always ready to play and to be held!! They will wake up from a sound sleep and
be ready to play!! They also love to run and all of a sudden they take off and race around through the house like crazy!!


I will give you a little bag of Bil Jac Puppy food until you can buy your own. I don't like any chow that has any red dye in it. Leave a bowl of water
and a bowl of dry food down all the time so he/she can eat whenever he/she wants.  

Finally, don't give him/her any canned food at all, just leave the dry food down. This will keep his/her teeth much more healthy than canned food
(canned food also causes a looser stool) and it has all of the nutrients he/she needs. I like Bil Jac Puppy but your vet can suggest others.



Don't start it or you will be sorry!! There is nothing so irritating as a whining puppy begging at your dinner table! So cute at first, but you'd best
resist the temptation or they will really lay a guilt trip on you with those sorrowful begging eyes! Once you start it, your dead in the water!!! If you
have to do it, take the scraps away from the table and give him the treat in his dish or near the place where he eats.

10. PENS

If you work all day, it is very hard on your puppy and really not good for him/her to be crated all day, out for a few hours when you get home and
then crated again all night. I think that a pen like at least the size of a play pen would be perfect for him/her and very easy for you when you want
to keep him/her out of the way, but still with you.You can buy a nice size pen oryou can put them in a small room like a bathroom or laundry room.


It is not so confining so he/she can get some exercise too and you can talk to him/her or give him/her a little pat as you go by. If you put the pen
on a carpeted surface, put an old blanket on top of that and then the pen on top of that. Put his/her crate, with a nice soft pillow or towel inside of
it, inside the pen with the door taken off or propped open. Put his/her food and water next to the crate and his/her pee pad/paper at the other
end of the pen. Since he/she is used to that set-up here, he/she should be happy to stay there and sleep there too. He/She will probably
go into the crate to sleep at night without any fuss. Some of my buyers have gotten them and said that the puppy seemed to feel right at home in
it since that is what he/she was used to.

If you don't get a pen then you can crate your puppy at night and it will be easier to potty train him/her. He/She will have to get used to the crate
but will probably cry whenever you put him/her in it. You will just have to let him/her cry. Eventually he/she will get used to it.

REMEMBER - Until your vet says you can take him/her outside to go potty, keep a paper or puppy training pad (pet stores, Wal-Mart, etc. have
them) down all the time.


When you first get up, take him/her out of the crate and to the puppy pad or paper and tell him/her to go potty and praise him/her when he/she
goes. Most dogs will not go potty where they sleep.(He/She may have accidents at first because he/she is still a baby.) Then let him/her eat.
Take him/her out or to the paper again each time after he/she eats and several times during the day (usually every 2 hours)and finally again
before you go to bed. Keep paper or puppy pee pad down in the same place all the time so he/she will eventually learn to go there, until you can
take him/her out to train him/her. ODOBAN or SIMPLE SOLUTION or WOOLITE pet carpet cleaners are good to remove 'accidents'!


The best kind of brush to use when he/she is still a baby, is a hairbrush and also a metal comb. As he/she gets older, his/her coat will be thick so
a “slicker brush” is best because it will get down and through it.

Brush him/her as often as you can, to get him/her used to it. A couple of helpful tips here: most dogs don’t like their feet or their lips/mouths
touched so you should handle and play with his feet and toes. Open his mouth and play/tug lightly with his lips and tongue. This will help the
groomer, or you, when he has to have his claws trimmed and his teeth cleaned. I only bathe my dogs about once a week, unless they get very,
very dirty. I think it is better for their skin, an Oatmeal/Aloe shampoo is very good for his/her skin. A baby hair de-tangler will help.

If you plan to groom puppy yourself, PETEDGE is a very reasonable company and has a nice grooming table for a good price $39.49: petedge.
com 800-698-9062.  Another nice site for dog supplies is

12. TEARING EYES (If you are getting a white or cream puppy!)

There is a very good item for clearing up the brown coloring they get from tearing eyes called ANGELS EYES. It does a very good job. (Just do
not get in the eyes or it will make it worse!)

Your puppy will probably bite your fingers when you are playing with him as that is the nature of the wild heritage from the wolf family. You must
stop this right away - don't allow it to start.When he does this, tap him on the nose and firmly say "NO!" and give him a rawhide chew or rope toy
to chew on. Be consistent! Don't correct him one time and then let him do it again.
It's 'cute' until it gets so bad that he does it whenever he wants to. It won't be so 'cute' when he nips at a little child! Stop it immediately, before he
starts doing it all the time! This is extremely important! You don't want a "biter" in your family!


Your puppy is teething and needs to chew on something. Just make sure it isn't you or the wires in your house! Be sure to buy a bottle of
BITTER APPLE or BITTER BARRIER or some other brand of spray that you can put on any wires that are near the floor. It tastes very bad so he
will avoid it. Also watch to see if he starts to chew on any furniture legs, etc. When you see him doing this, say "NO" firmly and give him a toy or a
rawhide bone to replace what he was going after and praise him when he starts to chew on it and then put the spray on whatever he was
chewing on. PLEASE DON'T use hot sauce!! Some people will tell you to do this, but it is cruel and will burn puppy's mouth!!


Take the time to find a good vet. You can tell when you go in whether they like animals or are just there to collect a pay check! The waiting and
examining rooms and tables should be very, very clean! The staff and the vet should be friendly and congenial to both you and your puppy.
They should smile and talk to your pup, be gentle but firm, if necessary, and show that they care about them. They should be willing to take the
time to listen to you and when you ask for advice, should be willing to answer all of your questions and explain everything to you. They can give
lots of advice to you and your new puppy!

Remember that your dog is a member of your family and, just as you would do for yourself, you want the best doctor you can find for him.

Once you find a good vet, don't let him/her get away!!!

If you have any more questions, feel free to call or email me!!


229-425-1552  Shady Acre Kennels