Pure Bred  Dogs                         Height                                    Weight
We obtained this information from several different sources. We truly hope this will help you to
determine what you want in a puppy. In most cases, this is how breeders will determine how to
class a puppy.

T-Cup- 3lbs or less
Toy- 3-10lbs
Miniature- 10-20lbs

The weight of the parents DOES NOT always determine the size of the pup. When we breed the
smaller of these breeds,we always breed dams and sires who come from a long line of  t-cup or
toy pedigrees. This will always give us a better chance of staying within the size range of the
parents (and that can vary easily by 1-3lbs).

With the breeds which are not classed as from above, we always breed dams and sires that
come from a long line of pedigree that conform to the AKC and CKC standards.
Beagle                                                  13-17in                                            15-22lbs

Bichon Frise                                        9-12 in.                                            7-18lbs

Boston Terrier                                     13-17 in.                                          15-25lbs

Boykin Spaniel                                   14-18in                                            25-35lbs

Cocker Spaniel                                  14-18in                                            18-30lbs

Dachshund (miniature)                        5-8 in.                                              6-12 lbs

Havenese                                             8-11in.                                             7-13lbs

Jack Russell Terrier                            9-15 in.                                             9-18lbs

Maltese                                               8-11 in.                                             4-10 lbs

Miniature Pinscher                             10-13 in.                                            6-12 lbs

Pomeranian                                        Under 11 in.                                      3-11 lbs

Poodle (toy)                                        Under 10 in.                                      7-14 lbs   

Pug                                                      10-14in.                                            13-20lbs

Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie)              13-16 in.                                           14-24 lbs  

Shih-Tzu                                              8-11 in.                                             9-16 lbs

Schnauzer                                            8-11inches                                      12-18lbs

West Highland Terrier                         9-12in.                                              13-22 lbs

Yorkshire Terrier                                 7-9 in.                                               4-7 lbs      

If you are considering one of our designer breeds, there are no standards set for them to
date. The best way to figure them is to look at the two breeds above which have been
crossed, and that should give you a good idea of what your pups weight and height will be.
When breeding designer pups, we always use dams and sires who are AKC registered. Our
pups are ALL first generation crosses. This means  we start with a full blood breed, and
cross to another full blood breed. We do not  breed a dog that is already a designer
Ideal Weights of Different Breeds